Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Wedding News From Around the Globe

Every day, there are an estimated 115,000 weddings happening all the over the world. That is a staggering number to think about. That’s why it’s difficult to pick just one news story or report to talk about when writing this blog. Today, I’ve decided to make it a little easier for myself by talking about a few wedding stories. Here they are:

ABC 7 out of Los Angeles is reporting about weddings in the aftermath of the dramatic rescue of those Chilean miners from last week. As you probably know, 33 miners were trapped in a coal mine for more than 2 months, but miraculously survived. Five of the miners have proposed to their significant others or have renewal of vows planned after facing death. This is some of the silver lining in the tragedy that could have been.

In a surprising decision, New Hampshire’s second largest paper is denying a same sex couple’s wedding announcement in its paper, according to Towleroad. This is interesting, considering that the state made gay marriage legal at the beginning of this year. No word from the paper yet as to why the decision was made.

Another weird wedding trend is springing up all over the place – brides are tired of missing out on the fun while in their dresses, so they are rolling around in the dirt, literally. Daily News & Analysis is saying that more and more brides are getting down and dirty at their weddings:

“Rolling around in the dirt in a pristine white wedding dress may not be everyone’s idea of having fun, but it’s the latest craze these days. Instead of leaving it in a corner after their weddings, women are instead opting to go out have a great time in some dirt and grime for some particularly memorable photos.”

I’m not sure how I feel about it, but if its what you want to do outside the banquet hall, have at it newlyweds!


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