Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Popping the Question?

Popping the Question?

This blog has covered a number of topics about weddings – from planning to parties with everything else in between. It is important to stay informed about wedding planning – you never know when you might stumble on an idea that you like or a tip that proves useful. However, one topic hasn’t been covered here, and it is essential to the planning process – someone has to propose to their future spouse.

Beyond getting the girl to say yes, there are a lot of things that can help your chances when proposing. Here are some ideas that might help you get the answer you’re looking for:

Ring Ring! – I have heard one too many proposal stories that don’t work out because the proposer doesn’t have a ring. That’s right, a ring. Having a ring is a major part of your commitment to the question you’re asking. Just as a circle never ends, you are saying that you want to be with this person forever. Give your girl (or guy!) something to show off, even if it isn’t an expensive piece. So seriously – get a ring.

Parental Advisory – If you are proposing, you should have some background on your future spouse’s parents and family. Your girlfriend might not have said so, but you should probably ask for her parent’s blessing to propose. This may seem a little too traditional and not modern enough, but the majority opinion points towards asking the parents. Even if it’s not necessary, it will merely strengthen your intentions.

Say It Correctly – All in all, the marriage proposal can be as inventive and non-traditional as you want to make it. However, you should always ask the question the same way – ‘Will you marry me?’  Most people look forward to hearing this for a major portion of their lives, so say the line we’ve heard in the movies. Say it right and you just might get the ‘Yes!’ you’re looking for.



  1. Great tips. Well written article! Thank you.

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