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How to be a Polite Wedding Guest

I know that this blog typically caters to the bride- and groom-to-be but this week we are going to take a look at what makes an excellent wedding guest. If you have had the privilege of being invited to a wedding of a friend or family member’s wedding it is important to be the best wedding guest that you can be. In a day and age when etiquette is not as highlighted as it once was it is imperative to remember the importance of wedding manners. Here are a few DOs and DONTs when it comes to wedding etiquette this ... Read More »

Quirky Weddings in the News

When most couples think of their wedding they think of the classic ceremony in a church in a white dress and a tuxedo followed by gorgeous wedding photography and a traditional dinner in a beautiful banquet hall. But that does not mean that every bride and groom is vying for a traditional wedding. Some what their wedding to stand out in the minds of their guests for years to come so they throw tradition out the wedding and decide to host quirky ceremonies and receptions. Here are a few stories of less-than-average weddings that have been making their rounds in ... Read More »

Married Couples That Have Stood the Test of Time

While modern brides may be planning more elaborate and technologically savvy events there are a great deal of similarities between the brides of today and the brides of yesteryear. All brides want to find the perfect dress, venue, and banquet hall and most brides are concerned about looking perfect in front of the wedding photographer. But one lasting similarity between the brides is the importance of finding the person that she would be spending the rest of her life with. On your wedding day you may not be thinking of your life with your husband decades down the road, you ... Read More »

To Hire a Wedding Planner or Not

If you are recently engaged and getting ready to embark on your wedding planning adventure or have been planning your wedding for weeks or months then you have probably felt stressed out more than once. Between selecting a banquet hall and a floral arrangements and finding that perfect dress and photographer, planning your ceremony and reception can be a bit hectic. If you have friends and family helping you plan your wedding it may be easier, but they may try to override your opinions with theirs and they probably do not have extensive wedding planning experience. If you would like ... Read More »

Celebrity Wedding News

Now that the royal wedding is winding down other celebrity weddings can push their way to the front of wedding headlines. Celebrities may have help when selecting their banquet hall and photographer but even with all of the assistance it can still be a very hectic time in the life of the bride and groom, regardless of their celebrity status. Here is some news on recent or up and coming celebrity nuptials. Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey – This pop-sensation duo has been married for three years, but every year they choose to renew their vows. This year their vows ... Read More »

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