Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wedding Trends That Were Popular in 2015

Unconventional weddings were trendy in 2015. Couples decided to buck traditional rules and do things differently, from who was in the wedding party to what they wore to how the venue was decorated. Here are some of the top wedding trends from this past year. Large wedding parties were replaced this year with much smaller ones. Some couples chose to head to the altar with just one maid of honor and one best man. Tradition says only the bride should wear white at a wedding, but couples rejected that rule this year. Members of the wedding party and mothers of ... Read More »

Wedding Tips for Couples over 50

There are a lot of “rules” when it comes to weddings. While most people choose to follow conventional wisdom, some of it can be confusing for older couples who are getting married for the second time. Trends are changing, and you don’t necessarily have to follow all of the typical traditions when it comes to marriage if you are over 50. You can and should set up at least one registry. Even if you have most of what you need already, you might want some new or better items to spruce up your home. You can also create a registry ... Read More »

2016 Wedding Trends

Wedding styles and themes are always evolving. With 2016 right around the corner, here are some new trends that are expected to become more popular next year to provide inspiration for your own wedding. Glitter has been popular on stationery, but many couples are moving away from that in favor of foil printing. It is clean and modern and less messy than glitter. DJs are popular, but some couples are also incorporating musicians and singers to perform along with DJs. This is an unexpected treat sure to get people out on the dance floor. Chiavari chairs were popular for a ... Read More »

How to Prevent Problems between Divorced Parents at Your Wedding

Some divorced parents get along fine, but with others there is tension and drama whenever they are in the same room. If you are getting married and your parents are divorced, you need to be sensitive to their feelings and make some accommodations to keep the peace at your wedding. You know how your parents get along when they are together. If there tends to be conflict, don’t encourage them to spend time together and hope for the best. Be realistic. Remember that they may still have hurt feelings and resentment even years after the divorce. Those feelings can be ... Read More »

How to Use an iPod at Your Wedding

Using an iPod to play music at your wedding can save money and give you control over the songs you and your guests hear and dance to on your special day. If you plan to use an iPod for all or part of your ceremony or reception, here are some tips to make sure things go smoothly. People often use an iPod for just one part of the wedding, such as the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception. If you are only using it for one period of time, think about the equipment you will need to play music from your ... Read More »

How to Write Wedding Thank-You Notes

Whenever you receive a gift, etiquette dictates that you should send a thank-you note. Between the time you get engaged and your wedding day, you will receive a lot of gifts. Here are some tips to help you with writing your thank-you notes. Choose good stationery. A simple ecru sheet or a folded note card would be a traditional choice. Choose stationery that reflects who you are as a couple. Roller ball pens are the best choice for smooth script, but you can use any pen you like, as long as it doesn’t smear when you are writing or get ... Read More »

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Destination Wedding

People often complain about being invited to destination weddings because of the cost, in terms of both money and time. Going away requires paying for a plane ticket, hotel, and meals and taking time off from work. For people with children, there is the question of whether to take them along or have them stay with a relative or friend. You shouldn’t feel obligated to attend a destination wedding if you can’t afford it or if it would mean that you would need to miss time from work and not get paid for it. If it’s not possible, your friends ... Read More »

What to Put in Your Destination Wedding Welcome Bags

If you are planning to get married far away from home and your guests are traveling to attend the wedding, you want to make their stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. You should have welcome bags or baskets waiting for them when they arrive with some essentials they will need for their trip, as well as some things to help them relax and sample the local culture. Include a brief letter welcoming your guests and telling them how happy you are that they made the trip. You can print the letters on a computer, but you should sign each ... Read More »

Using a Hashtag for Your Wedding

Hashtags are becoming an important part of weddings, especially for Millennials. Social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram automatically organize photos posted with specific hashtags in feeds that make it easy to view photos taken by everyone at a wedding. The trend has grown among couples who want to collect as many photos as possible from their weddings, including shots the professional photographer might miss. Hashtags are not replacing traditional photographers. New companies have been created to capitalize on the trend. Photo site Eversnap will print cards for guests explaining how to upload photos with hashtags, create a ... Read More »

Millennials Ask for Money Instead of Wedding Gifts

When it comes to wedding gifts, many millennial couples are choosing to ask not for china, silver, and crystal, but instead for cash to pay for wedding expenses, a honeymoon, or a down payment on a house, or gift cards for home improvement stores. The shift in attitude is generational. Younger couples tend to live together before getting married more than previous generations and sometimes already own a house and have all the items they need to fill it and live comfortably. Millennials often have high student loan bills and little savings. Weddings can easily cost tens of thousands of ... Read More »

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